I wanted to take a step back from my usual topics and lighten things up a bit and talk about physical optimization habits we can adopt and I think that tips to improve memory is a good topic to cover.

Do you suffer from that whole walking into a room and forgetting why you went in there in the first place? Or the forgetting people’s names debacle? It certainly is tough getting through those situations without beating yourself up over it but if you think about it, how much practice do we really get to remember nowadays? Smartphones store all your phone numbers and addresses. Website browsers and computer apps remember your passwords…if there was a computer app to just shove in people’s faces where it will automatically pull up their name and other pertinent info, we would really be in trouble!! That day may be coming soon. But until then let’s get a bit of practice in boosting our brainpower shall we?  Improving memory loss may actually help us to fight that Big Brother I just mentioned..

You do remember that, don’t you? Of course you do..

Here is a list of things I like to use:

  • Memory tip #1- physical exercise and eating healthy.  I would say that this is the #1 memory improvement tip. Taking care of your body as a whole has got to be the foundation of all optimization you should want to do. Physical exercise is great for increasing oxygen to your noodle which helps it to store information. Plus exercise helps the rid the onset of certain brain diseases as well. As far as eating right, stick to the whole raw organic foods as much as possible and stay away from processed foods. Too much crap in there that are put in foods that are just not good for you. Fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants are best as they fight free radicals from destroying the brain cells you have.
  • Memory tip #2- Sleep. You see all those young kids not wanting to take naps? Do you do that now? Probably not. I know I don’t. I love a good power nap. But there are still alot of people out there who work way too hard and get little sleep to their peril. don’t be one of them. Get your rest because it helps with problem solving as well as critical thinking.
  • Memory tip #3-Meditate. My favorite. Meditation is the most effective memory improving tip, many researchers state. Meditation is awesome in that in can be practiced anywhere and anytime(within reason, of course) and it’s free!! Meditation means just being where you are right now not attached to your thoughts, just focused on your breath.  There are so many sources for learning meditation out there it is crazy!! Here is one from one of my favorite learning sites, Mind Power News.
  • Memory tip #4-Reduce Stress. I would say that this goes along with getting enough sleep as well, but still it needs its own bullet point.  Life is too short to worry about everything not going your way and frankly when you worry about something you just make it worse.  Physically speaking, stress is the absolute worst thing you can do for your brain because it interferes with all different types of memory. ANd here is a good quote for you: what you resist, persists.
  • Memory Tip #5-Words relation and grouping. So to an actual memory trick, relating someone’nams to something you already know and hold to you near and dear helps to improve memory loss as well as just the opposite, breaking things like phone numbers into smaller pieces can helps to improve human memory. I still use my cell phone so I am not sure if they work or not, but research says it does.
  • Memory Tip #6- Improve memory exercises. I can say along with the meditation instruction there are also many websites that can be used to improve memory loss. Also there have been many sites pop up like Lumosity or Elevate that help improve memory and concentration. Or you can just use the old Crossword puzzle or use Sudoku. Anything that cognitively challenges your brain you are going to benefit from. Just don’t stress out about it.

There are supposedly different supplements that improve memory out there you can take according to my email and certain banner ads I see nowadays. I have tried a few and have not seen much result(I don’t feel, anyways) or just gave me headaches so I cannot recommend any. As far as vitamins go, just sticking with eating organic fruits and vegetables is the way to go to get your antioxidants because I have medical friends who say that antioxidants are not generally worth your money because of the amount actually absorbed by your cells so you really need to be taking a product like Asea that will help you improve your whole body cellularly, not just your memory.

So there you go: a light hearted article that can help you in major ways with improving memory techniques and boost brain power. Sometimes even motivational posts like this one can help your brain in ways to help you with brain power…I am sure you can get some use out of these.

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