amazing-736885_640I was in a well known chain book store today and perused the self growth section just to see what it looked like. What was new in quality life improvement books, nowadays? It somewhat amazes me how so many of the books have the same message just written in different words. One of the books boldly called me a Badass!! How is that for a grabber? But still all the titles resonated with the same message.  There is nothing wrong with that really because I know for a fact that:

  1. There are so many ways to say the same thing.
  2. Not everyone will react/absorb/digest/however you want to call it the same words the same way so it is necessary to state the same thing in different ways.
  3. Repetition is key AND novelty is key in brain development and self growth to get the optimal results.

I have read many different PDFs, reports, books sent to me and books I have run across but the thing is although most are repetitious, epiphanies are what I am looking for. Sometimes just reading the same book over and over leads people to their own greatness. Bob Proctor (awesome instructor and mentor) claims he has been reading “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill over and over again for decades. Whatever works, right?

beauty-354565_640Taking what I read from one person and then relating it to what I read that somebody else wrote and then saying “Holy Sh*t!” with that proverbial light bulb going off?… That is what I am shooting for. I attribute the biggest reason for this happening (and it has happened repeatedly) is being self aware.

nikola-tesla-1So my latest that I am reading is a report about Nikola Tesla and some of the beliefs/laws, if you will, that he lived by. Not morals, but how he designed his own brain to think. One of the first points that resonated with me is that aging is just an expectation. Wow. That makes sense to me. Sure we all age, but if we think we are going to age, we are just going to exacerbate the process. Tesla himself lived 20 yrs more than the normal age expectancy for that era, I am told, and that would have to be why. Ridding yourself of aging expectations.

cemetery-1670233_640Think about it. It’s a belief. A limiting belief at that. What if we were to release, delete and destroy said belief? How much more awesome would your life be?!? As if it isn’t awesome enough already, of course.

And for all the non-believers of the power of the mind…what have you got to lose?

Anyways. Back to the purpose of the post: 5 steps to quality life improvement…

light-bulb-1042480_1920So another thing said is that that your whole body thinks along with you. If this is the case and if you are not healthy then you cannot expect your body to be in tune with your brain in its thinking process, therefore you are not thinking at 100%.

What if you had a headache or stomach ache or in pain in some other way? Can you think straight? When you are tired, can you output as clearly as you would like? No. You are too preoccupied with whatever is going on with you and you will not be at 100%. It’s simple, really if you think about it.

A lot of this self improvement/growth/optimization stuff is simple…

So with that in mind let’s go over some steps to quality life improvement.

  1. Avoid smoking and second hand smoke.  A no brainer really and I am not going to bore you with all the specifics except to say that you cannot be at 100% if your lungs are not. ‘Nuff said.
  2. Eat well for your health.  There are a lot of bad things to eat out there. I eat some of them as well. But there are things that you should just not not touch at all. Sodas and diet sodas are #1 on my list. Stay away from processed foods. Eat natural and raw as much as possible. This is not a diet website. Do your research. Follow it. Live longer.
  3. Physical activity is uber important. Get outside and move. Get an exercise bike. Something to get your heart rate up and sweat a little. Just the chemicals alone secreted into your body will make you feel better about yourself doing this. But you gotta get started to get there.
  4. Personal blood pressure knowledge. You can get this test done for free at most local drug stores and it will tell you a lot.   How long does it take to do? Like three minutes, maybe? Your blood pressure is important to how your body is working so don’t ignore it.
  5. Live in enjoyment, gratitude and relaxation. My favorite. Life is too short to be stressed out about anything. Exercise, meditation, and yoga can help relax you. Even optimism.  But mostly just have fun. I love hanging out with my grandaughter.  Absorbing her care-free life vibes makes me happy to be alive. You can too.

optimistic-1491087_640So there you go. A quick list. I am sure you have heard all of these things before but hearing them again will not hurt you in the least.  Maybe they will sink in better this time…

Comments, shares and accolades appreciated…