electricity-705670_640 It occurred to me this morning that there are four words that may be the cause of a lot of false beliefs in our minds. These words start bad things to develop in our lives and should be avoided if you want to keep a healthy outlook and well being in life. These words? Always, never, everybody, nobody. And every general variation of…

To use general statements like ‘Everybody is this or nobody is that’ is just setting yourself up for major failure. Along with the alwayses and nevers.

stop-1829082_640When you use any of these words you are grouping way too much and your subconscious is going to categorize way too deeply for you to enjoy things. You will judge way too much than necessary and make rash decisions that are way out of context.

Make a decision starting now to not judge any situation and certainly stay away from generalizations. Things like everybody hates me or nobody likes me are also definite no-nos. Those statements set yourself for a downward spiral that will be hard to get out of.

chain-1623322_640But of course, the first step is to be aware of doing this major faux pas. Are you generalizing in your life? Think about it for a second. If you are not sure if you are, can you make a conscious decision to put yourself in a mode to monitor if you do or not? You know what this means, don’t you? Stepping back from your thoughts and realizing you are not those little devils in just disguised as you. Can you do it? You will be thankful you did.

antares-orb-3-532595_640Taking the first step towards this type of thinking should be rewarded by congratulating yourself and showing some self love. Love, accept, and honor yourself always.

Any thoughts and/or comments to help me convey to me or other people is always helpful.